Making A Difference

IT’s all about giving back!

How do we do this? Here at the FQHC IT, we understand that your organization is unique. As a non-profit medical organization, you have demands, goals, and financial challenges that for-profit companies simply do not. Which is why we go above and beyond to support and subsidize you in every way we can. For us, you are not just another client. In fact, when we work together, we become a member of your team.

You see, your FQHC came into being with a specific mission. You are passionate about supporting your community and making a difference by providing health and wellness services to people who are in real need and cannot afford it otherwise! But here’s the thing: you cannot properly fulfill your goal and maximize your impact without a solid IT backbone.

And that’s where we enter the picture. We make sure that on the IT end of things, your FQHC is secure, efficient and maximize every IT dollar spent, putting more money back into your mission and into the heart of your community.

At FQHC IT, we are committed to:


When we work with you, we truly see ourselves as another member of your team, not simply another company you partner with. We are here to support your mission and impact your community!


We believe in freeing organizations from the pitfalls of poor IT systems. The more we maximize your IT resources, the more power you have to transform your clients’ lives!


At the heart of every thriving FQHC is an attitude of service. When we choose to give back, it boosts both the quality of our output and the community.


We believe that competence and service go hand in hand. It’s not enough to have the right mind-set, you have to deliver real solutions, every single time.