How Are You Using AI & Technology To Impact Your Health Center?

Investing in FQHC IT Solutions, Yields Returns that far exceed the costs.

All Your IT Needs Sorted!

We are here to impact your Health Center’s strategic objectives. 

We understand the unique challenges Community Health Centers face, from.  UDS, 340B, Hiring and Retaining Staff, Limited Resources, Compliance from HRSA, FTCA, & HIPAA.  

Imagine the Transformational Impact For Patients & Community....

It will affect Every Area of Your Organization. From Patient Care, Operations, Finance all the way to Marketing.

Expert Analysis

First, we do a deep dive in to your precise needs, existing IT infrastructure, understand your FQHC’s goals and workflows.

Then, leveraging our team’s decades of experience in IT, we pinpoint the exact problem areas so we can get started on revamping your IT framework.


There’s nothing worse than an IT consultant who understands nothing about your organization, but has a very rigid “solution” in mind. That’s exactly the opposite of what we do. We take the consultation process very seriously and only begin shifting things around once we’ve understood exactly what you need, and how it needs to get implemented.


We don’t come in to talk the talk. We’re driven by the desire to draw out your potential and boost your impact in the world. That means you need to see real results, and that’s exactly what we’ll deliver. We proudly serve FQHC’s, and know exactly how to improve your organization’s IT in a stable and substantial manner.

Our Comprehensive Areas of IT Consulting Services

 • Cybersecurity
• Automation and AI
• Strategic IT Planning
• Transitional Services
• Business and IT Efficiency
• IT Process Assessment & Improvement
  IT Budgeting & Cost Reduction
• Backup & Disaster Recovery
• Oversight and Reporting
• Business Continuity Planning and Solution Testing
• IT System Review and Adoption
• IT System Implementation and Migration
• Post-implementation Support and Optimization
  Project Planning & Management
• Vendor Selection & Onboarding
• Technology Roadmapping and Implementation
• IT Governance
• Risk Management and Compliance
• IT Traning and Staff Onboarding

"We understand the unique challenges FQHCs face and are committed to providing IT solutions that improve patient care, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance, WHILE saving you money."

Revolutionize your FQHC or CHC with innovative IT solutions and unlock the power of strategic, secure, and cost-effective IT.

Experience the expertise of a seasoned IT executive with our cutting-edge IT Solutions tailored just for Community Health Centers.

Our comprehensive services are designed to optimize efficiencies, bolster security, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and strengthen business continuity plans.

"As a Technology Experts, We are truly a member of your team, not simply another vendor you work with. "