About Us

Strategic IT consulting, FQHC IT empowers and propels FQHCs so they can make an even greater impact in their community.

Changing the world, one FQHC at a time!

At FQHC IT, we are fervently dedicated to elevating the technological capabilities of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) across the nation. Our mission is to harness the power of state-of-the-art IT, bolstering the capabilities of these crucial organizations, and enabling them to serve their communities with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

We strive to have you experience unparalleled world-class IT, that seamlessly integrates into the daily operations of your FQHC, offering not only robust, advanced solutions but also a tranquil peace of mind. Through robust, state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures, we want to ensure the protection of sensitive patient data and vital organizational systems, enhancing confidence in the digital arena.

We truly act as a member of your team, not simply another partner you work with. We shoulder the burden of complex IT challenges, allowing FQHCs to channel their focus exclusively on their foundational mission: providing indispensable healthcare services to the underserved communities they so passionately support. In joining hands with us, FQHCs can amplify their societal impact, broadening their reach, and intensifying the quality of their service delivery.

At FQHC IT, we empower healthcare, we secure futures, and we foster community growth.

"We aim to maximize every IT dollar spent, putting more money back into your mission and into the heart of your community."

When we work with Your FQHC, we truly see ourselves as another member of your team, not simply another company you partner with!

We are here to support your mission and impact your community!

Our Founder: Shuey Teitelbaum

Shuey’s journey is a compelling tale of passion, experience, and dedication to enabling FQHCs through the power of IT. With a background rooted in a Master’s degree from the Rabbinical College of America, he dedicated over 16 years to leading PC Doctor, a successful IT Managed Services Company. But it was the specialized needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers for specialized IT solutions that truly ignited his mission. Thus, he established FQHC IT, channeling his two decades of extensive IT expertise to relieve these crucial institutions from the burden of technology hurdles, freeing them to focus on their noble mission of serving their communities.

His commitment doesn’t end at the office; when he disconnects from the tech world, Shuey finds balance and joy in exploring the great outdoors and cherishing precious moments with his beloved wife and four children. Our founder, Shuey, personifies the very heart and spirit of FQHC IT – steadfast dedication, formidable experience, and an unwavering commitment to empowering FQHCs to achieve more.


Our Mission is to empower every Federally Qualified and Community Health Centers with rock solid security, removing technological obstacles, and boosting operational efficiency. In doing so, we enable them to enhance patient care and make a greater impact within their communities.


Be the premier choice for Fractional CIO and IT Consulting Services, delivering unparalleled value and transformative impact to FQHCs.

FQHC IT is all about…

Serving Others

Just like you, we are passionate about serving humanity and transforming the world.

Efficient Systems

Your organization needs well-oiled and efficient IT to extract the maximum value from your IT resources.

Cost- Effectiveness

Learn how we can save you $1M. We believe in maximizing cost-effectiveness!