Customized IT Services
To Fit Your Health Center

From building and setting up a customized IT system for you to training your employees to run them effectively, we do it all. So, you can focus on serving your community. 

Tired of IT solutions that do more harm than good?  Want a personalized IT system that caters to all your needs?

All Your IT Needs Sorted!

Every moment you spend trying to iron out nagging IT issues is stolen time. Time that you could have devoted to making the maximum positive impact and elevating your organization to new heights.  But it all stops now!

At the FQHC IT, we offer a fully done-for-you IT system that’s caters to your (FQHC) specific IT needs and goals. From building and setting up your in-house IT system to training your employees to use it efficiently.

Don’t waste any more time worrying about outsourcing IT, declining productivity, cybersecurity threats, unhappy patients and customers, and overburdened staff.

Custom Designed IT System

Based on your unique organization and workflows, we will build internal IT systems to address all your needs. This ensures no updating hassles, and the best experience for your employees and management.

Complete Setup

Our team ensures that the setup and implementation of your custom IT system is something you don’t have to worry about. Every step of the process is handled by us, and we work meticulously to ensure that the new IT system is actually integrated into your pre-existing operations.

Employee Training Done Right!

It’s not enough to have a solid IT system. You need people who can run it smoothly over the long term. And that’s why we will train your relevant employees to expertly use and manage your company’s IT system.

Why Go From Door to Door, When FQHC IT Offers...

100% Done-For-You Service

You don’t need to pay a fortune for outsourced IT providers in addition to an in-house IT team, while getting inadequate IT support services. Instead we provide from start to finish an IT support system that works perfect for your organization.

Maximum Productivity & Performance

You deserve an IT system that’s been designed with your organization in mind. Because there’s no generic solution when it comes to the optimum IT infrastructure. And that’s why we take special care in crafting an IT system that enhances your workflows, supports your employees, and delights your customers – all at once.

Exactly What You Want!

You sure want customized, secure, scalable, and robust IT systems and support, don’t you? At FQHC IT, we have over decades of experience in delivering stellar IT solutions. So you know that when it comes to your business, you’re getting real results. Let us show you cut costs by $1M, while boosting your Cyber Security!